The Christmas Revels: A Nordic Celebration of the Winter Solstice

Harvard University's Sanders Theatre  · 

A holiday tradition for nearly five decades, The Christmas Revels is a joyful theatrical celebration of the winter solstice that travels the world each year showcasing cultural traditions including music, dance, folktales and rituals. This year we explore the magic of the Northlands! The 48th annual Christmas Revels celebrates the traditions and musical culture of the Nordic nations – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden - countries with some of the strongest traditions of solstice celebration and ritual. Taking the Finnish epic the Kalevala as a framework our 100 member ensemble  will tell the story of the creation of the world and the stealing of the sun and moon in song, music, dance and puppetry. Combined with Swedish carols and Danish wassails, Norwegian ballads and swirling dances, Icelandic hymns and Finnish rune songs, banter and belly laughs, and familiar touchstones like Lord of the Dance - which will literally have you dancing in the aisles - this will be a very special Christmas Revels indeed. Please join us December 14th - December 29th. For more information visit


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