Man Steals Airliner Then Crashes Outside Seattle

A Horizon Air plane. (Photo by Kentaro Iemoto/Flickr)

SEATTLE, WA (WBZ AM)--An apparently suicidal man believed to be an airline employee, stole a Horizon Air turboprop passenger plane  from Seattle’s international airport for a short flight before crashing on a nearby island after being chased by fighter jets.

The local Pierce County Sheriff tweeted that the man was acting alone when he made the unauthorized flight and was chased by the F15 fighter planes. Officials said the jets “were not involved in the crash”.

The stolen 76-seater airplane crashed on Ketron island, a few miles southwest of Seattle.

Video of the crash shows the plane making an upside-down aerial loop, then flying low over Puget Sound before crashing into the island and burning. No one was injured on the ground.



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