Allston Christmas Brings Free Sofas and Road Detours

courtesy of Nicolas Huk/Flikr

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM)--Thousands of students are flocking back to Boston over Labor Day weekend leaving landlords just hours for tenant turnover. This is the busiest lease turnover time of the year. The quick change means tons of unwanted furniture and household items are up for grabs on the sidewalks of Allston and Brighton.  This is Allston Christmas, where you can furnish your new apartment for free if you can carry your chosen item back to your abode.

Another sign of this free-for-all- holiday are the hundreds of rental vans clogging the narrow streets around the universities. In defense of the onslaught,  local officials have posted road detours, parking restrictions and warnings to u-haulers not to use Storrow Drive.

In case you have any questions here is all you need to know about Boston parking restrictions.

Have a happy holiday!



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