Milford Church Vandalized

courtesy of Facebook

MILFORD, MA  (WBZ-AM)--One adult and three  juveniles are under arrest for vandalizing a Catholic Church in Milford.

The caretakers at Saint Mary of the Assumption Parish discovered busted doors and broken glass Friday morning and called police.  Church officials say the intruders had rifled through drawers, tried on clergy vestments, handled religious objects, and smoked marijuana at the alter. Then to commemorate the crime, they posted images of their actions on social media. 

Church members spent yesterday afternoon cleaning the mess."they obviously are very troubled and have very sick minds," said father peter joyce, the church's pastor. The parish had to move it's morning Mass as the place of worship was now a crime scene. 

Milford police have arrested 21-year-old Michael Clifford, who lives nearby, and three under age friends. All four suspects are facing numerous charges including destruction of property, trespassing, breaking and entering, causing injury to a church over $5,000, larceny from a building, conspiracy, and civil rights violations.


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