Gov. Baker Endorses Ballot Question 3 On Transgender Protections

BOSTON, MA  (WBZ-AM)--Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker endorses question 3, upholding the anti-discrimination law for transgender people. In an opinion piece published Friday in the Rainbow Times, the Governor rebuked attempts to repeal the anti-discrimination legislation, which he signed into law in 2016. The current law protects transgender people from discrimination in public places like hotels, stores, restaurants and public restrooms. 

Governor Baker wrote he supports the ballot initiative process, but strongly believes Massachusetts residents should reject the repeal efforts. He says he looks forward to voting Yes on Question 3, to uphold the law re-affirming that the Commonwealth will not tolerate discrimination against fellow citizens who are transgender. He added Massachusetts is building on its historic role as a pioneer in ensuring equality for LGBTQ Americans.

The issue will be decided Tuesday, November 6th, in the statewide election.


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