Somerville Mayor Says Bombers Van Looks Like The Inside of Candidate's Head

courtesy of Natalie B. Kline

SOMERVILLE, MA  (WBZ-AM)-- Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone on Friday tweeted that the bumper-sticker-laden van of accused pipe bomber Cesar Sayok, “looks like the inside of Geoff Diehl’s head.’’ Diehl is the current state representative from Whitman and the Republican Senate candidate running against Democratic incumbent Elizabeth Warren. Sayok's propaganda covered vehicle was impounded by the FBI at the time of his arrest.

In response to the insulting rhetoric Rep. Diehl called the statement "ugly" in light of the frightening events of this past week and said it "shows a lack of leadership, a lack of decorum, and a fundamental lack of judgement. It’s appalling.’’ He also called on his opponent Elizabeth Warren to “condemn her colleague and supporter’s comments.’’ So far there has been no response from the Senator.



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