Candidates Make Final Push Before Suffolk County DA Race

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) — Candidates are making their final case to voters before Tuesday’s election. One of the races on the ballot is for Suffolk County District Attorney.

Candidate Rachael Rollins stood in a pristine West Roxbury living room as supporters prepared to go door to door to canvass. WBZ NewsRadio1030’s Karyn Regal spoke with Rollins about the race.

Rollins is expected to win against her independent challenger and would be the first woman of color to be Suffolk County District Attorney. She also promises a different approach to her job, saying she will work to end mass incarceration.

“I would rather do, then in the first instance saying, ‘Let’s send you to jail,’ is just pause for 30, 60, 90 days and say, ‘What is happening in your life right now?’” Rollins said.

She has an independent opponent, Mike Maloney.

“I can see it is an uphill battle, but given how egregiously far to the left my opponent has gone, she has created enormous opportunity,” Maloney said.

WBZ NewsRadio1030’s Karyn Regal (@Karynregal) reports 



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