Coyote Attacks And Kill 2 Dogs In Newton and Sudbury

NEWTON, MA  (WBZ-AM)--A Newton family says a coyote attacked and killed their dog 20 feet from their back door. The predator ran up and snatched the Kraine family's 10 year old Cavalier Spaniel and dragged her away. Mike Kraine tried to retrieve his pet and managed to chase the coyote away but not before it killed his dog.

A second dog in Sudbury had to be put down after an attack around midnight Friday. Police searched for the coyote but could not find it. They helped the injured dog's family get their pet to the veterinarian's where it was determined it's injuries were too severe and it was put to sleep.

Authorities are warning resident's to take precautions with children and animals especially later in the evening and early mornings hours when coyotes are more active.



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