Newton Judge Is Investigated For Helping Illegal Alien Evade I.C.E.

BOSTON, MA  (WBZ-AM)--According to the Boston Globe, the US Attorney in Boston has convened a grand jury to investigate a District Court Judge in Newton for helping an illegal alien evade a deportation warrant from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Judge Shelley M. Joseph allowed Jose Medina-Perez, up on drug charges and facing  a fugitive warrant for drunken driving in Pennsylvania, to walk out the back door of the court last April, after she was informed an I.C.E. agent was in the courtroom with a detainer.

A sidebar recording of the parties involved  obtained by the Globe show the judge's reluctance to turn over Medina-Perez to the agent. Judge Joseph then asks the court reporter to turn off the recording equipment, a violation of court rules,  before the defendant is released out the back door.

Massachusetts  trial court rules require judges neither help nor hinder federal agents.

Medina-Perez’s was re-arrested later that month and his case is pending, according to ICE. His real name is Oscar Manuel Peguero. He has been deported twice before according to Immigration.


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