BC Student Faces Charges, Expulsion For Racist Graffiti

Boston College

(Bill Damon/Flickr)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) — A Boston College student was barred from the school’s campus and is currently facing expulsion for racist graffiti in a residence hall.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office say that Michael Sorkin, 19, was scheduled to be an arraigned from his hospital bed at St. Elizabeth Hospital following psychiatric evaluation was continued to December 20 at Brighton District Court.

According to the Associated Press, school administrators referred to the graffiti as “deeply offensive.” A campus-wide email said the student was arrested by campus police Saturday night. The student is also charged with assaulting police and destruction of property.

Boston College did not provide details on the nature of the graffiti. However, The Heights — a student newspaper — reported the student defaced furniture, hallway walls, blinds, and a bathroom mirror with the N-word in the residence hall.


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