Today Is Gun Buy Back Day In Boston

BOSTON, MA  (WBZ-AM)--Today is gun buy back day in Boston.  The "Piece for Peace" campaign is a proactive program to get weapons off the streets where city residents are asked to turn-in guns at six designated locations between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. in return for a $100 Target gift card, no questions asked. Today only, people can dispose of firearms anonymously,  without fear of charges for illegal possession. 

The program began in 2014 in memory of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which happened Dec. 14, 2012. Since it's beginning the program has collected 601 guns. 

The following rules must be followed to be eligible for the gun amnesty and the gift certificate. The gun must be delivered unloaded, and in a clear plastic bag and put into another container (gym bag, backpack etc.). Any ammunition must be delivered in a separate bag. If you are driving to the trade in location, the gun must be transported in the trunk of the vehicle. After the weapon is screened and determined to be a working firearm, a gift card is given. Rifles and shotguns will be accepted, but are not eligible for the trade.

Gun Buy Back Locations: 

  • Central Assembly of God 50 Bennington St. 

  • St. Peters Church 278 Bowdoin St. 

  • Garfield Development 215-217 Garfield Ave 

  • Salvation Army 1500 Washington St. 

  • McCormack Housing Development 345 Old Colony Ave 

  • Greater Love Tabernacle Church 101 Nightingale St.  

For more information on the program go to


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