The Partial Federal Government Shutdown In Massachusetts

BOSTON, MA  (WBZ-AM)--A partial federal shutdown began early Saturday morning as a Democrat versus Republican stand off in the U.S. Senate stalled a spending bill that included $5 billion in funding for a southern border security wall. What does this mean for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

Logan Airport will stay open but Transportation Security Administration employees and Customs and Border Patrol will have to work without pay. Federal law enforcement agents and correctional officers will also continue to work without being paid.

The Post Office is open so Christmas gifts and entitlement checks will be delivered as usual. SNAP benefits will continue as well as Medicare and Social Security checks.

There are 15 national parks in Massachusetts, not including national forests and other assorted federal properties. Gates may remain open but with no staff on hand, visitors centers and restrooms will be closed.

Federal loan and housing programs will be delayed, so if you are buying a house with federal assistance expect to move back your closing date. Public Housing payments will have to wait as will Community Development Block Grant projects. The Small Business Administration will be closed possibly affecting small business loans.

U.S. troops will stay at their posts throughout the state.


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