Police Lay-offs Loom in Metheun

 posted by Nancy Shack  WBZ NewsRadio 1030

METHEUN, MA  (WBZ-AM)--According to the Eagle Tribune, unless a financial solution is found quickly, the city of Metheun will be laying off roughly 50 police officers.

Metheun Mayor James Jajuga will ask the City Council this week to restore $1.8 million cut from the police budget last summer. Without those funds, the city's police budget at current staffing levels will run out in March. Dozens of officers will be laid off according to seniority. 

Authorities say the shortfall has been caused by a new method of calculating benefits in employment contracts which was never approved by the City Council. The council cut the amount of the increases from the police budget and now the Mayor says they need that money back before they have to eviscerate the departments staff by half. Six of the nine council member will have to agree to the refund to avoid the lay-offs.


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