Facebook Live Catches Maine Killer

courtesy of Facebook

by Nancy Shack, WBZ NewsRadio1030

BANGOR, ME  (WBZ-AM)--Last fall, 40-year-old Jason Moody, a bass guitarist with the metal band Seize the Vatican was found dying on a Bangor street having been viciously beaten. He succumbed to his injuries two days later. Court documents now reveal, Maine police arrested his suspected killer after it was discovered the assault that took Moody's life was unintentionally broadcast over Facebook live by a phone in his killer's shirt pocket.

Suspect Donald Galleck, a transient with a lengthy rap sheet, pled not guilty this week at the Penobscot Judicial Center in Bangor to charges of depraved indifference murder and intentional or knowing murder in Moody's death. Details of the crime, including the Facebook Live stream, which had been sealed since Galleck's arrest in November were also made public.

According to authorities, Galleck had called a friend using the Facebook Messenger app on his phone while he and Moody were walking in Bangor hoping to find a place for Galleck to spend the night. In putting the phone in his pocket, Galleck accidentally sent a video request which was accepted by the friend. That friend reported to the police and signed an affidavit relating what happened next. She swears she heard what sounded like someone hitting Galleck and heard him saying ‘What the f—-? You just hit me!’” She then saw Galleck on the live video turn and face the male and punch him once in the face, the other male put his hands up and say he was sorry and he was drunk. The witness then reported  Galleck hit the male twice more, knocking him to the ground, then grabbed him by the throat and bashed his head off the ground seven times. Galleck then fled the scene and jumped a fence.

It is unclear from the information released by the court whether the Facebook chat was saved or could be retrieved.

The trial is set for April 5th.  Galleck faces between 25 years and life in prison if convicted.


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