Blunt Blog Intro

Welcome to the Blunt Blog!

I’m Brit Smith, the creator and host of Blunt Talk - iHeart Radio’s podcast about Cannabis.

There’s a lot going on in the World of Weed right now, so we wanted to create a space where our listeners can find all that juicy extra weekly cannabis news that doesn’t make it to our show, and as a place to discuss pot-topics local to the Bay State.

This page is also where you can connect with us on the topics you find most interesting, read more about the research we do each week, and it’s where you can find our sources for the news we bring you.

We’ll be putting out a new blog post here every Friday, along with a brand new episode of Blunt Talk on the iHeart Radio app, iTunes, and at

We always appreciate feedback so feel free to reach out through email -, or on social media- @iheartblunttalk. Thanks to all our loyal listeners for tuning in each week,






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