Massachusetts Post Offices Confiscate Almost 500 illegal Marijuana Packages

by Nancy Shack, WBZ NewsRadio1030

BOSTON, MA (WBZ NewsRadio) — Massachusetts Post Offices confiscated almost 500 illegal marijuana packages in 2018. That's a record number and three times the number taken in 2016, the year pot was legalized in the Bay State.

Even though recreational cannabis is legal in Massachusetts, it is not legal to send it through the U.S. mails since it falls under the Federal Controlled Substances Act.

The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) says there are no plans to stop intercepting packages containing pot since it's still against federal law in all forms and is classified as a Schedule I drug with LSD, heroin and ecstasy.

According to federal authorities s ending or receiving marijuana through the mail is a felony punishable by minimum of five years in prison.


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