An Earlier Massachusetts Primary?

by Nancy Shack, WBZ NewsRadio1030

BOSTON, MA ((WBZ NewsRadio) -- Massachusetts has the sixth latest mid-term Primary in the country. One Beacon Hill legislator wants to change that. State Senator Becca Rausch a democrat from Norfolk, Middlesex and Bristol Counties is filing a bill that would move the Commonwealth's primary up to June from September.

Massachusetts law currently requires the state primary for mid-term elections be held on the seventh Tuesday before the general election. This means the bulk of campaign stops in Massachusetts are in the full heat of summer or compete with the start of the school year.

Sen. Rausch wants to move the primary to the second Tuesday in June, in order to give party candidates more time to set themselves apart before the fall election. She does not want to mess with the presidential primary which is legally mandated to be held on the first Tuesday in March. Her bill would however require any candidate on the Massachusetts ballot disclose their tax returns for the four most recent years.

The bill is part of an election reform package.



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