Three Confirmed Cases Of Norovirus At Boston College

(Fulton Hall, Boston College, photo courtesy of John Phelan/creative commons)

by Nancy Shack, WBZ NewsRadio1030

CHESTNUT HILL, MA ((WBZ NewsRadio) -- Health Officials at Boston College have confirmed that a number of students contracted the Norovirus last week.

Officials overseeing the community of some 14,400 students say all the sick have recovered but three out of the dozens that were reporting viral symptoms have tested positive for Norovirus.

Students are being warned to wash their hands and not share utensils. In an e-mail posted on the University's Health Services website, the administration suggests students can ward off the flu by purchasing a "flu-buddy pack" for $14.99. According to The Heights, that package consists of Ramen noodle chicken soup, saltines, Smartwater, Power Ade, and Purell.

The College issued a statement late this afternoon:

Boston College has had three confirmed cases of norovirus out of a total student population of 14,400. We are fortunate to have limited the spread of illness because we took aggressive, precautionary steps in the midst of the flu season to sanitize common areas, eliminate self-service items from dining halls and treat all restrooms and residence halls with disinfectant. As a result of these proactive measures, the number of students visiting our University Health Services has declined steadily each day during the past week, and there have been no visits for any gastro-intestinal issues during the past two days.


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