Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 8, 2019

Suffolk Sheriff Says No More I.C.E. Detainees.The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department has notified ICE that after 13 years, it will no longer continue to house ICE detainees at it's House of Corrections.I.C.E. Deputy Director Todd Lyons joins us to discuss how this surprise decision effects the safety and security of not just the county but the whole region.

Ellen Says Can't We All Just Get Along.....Ellen Degeneres received guff after she tweeted a pleasant afternoon with former President George Bush at a Dallas Cowboys game last weekend. Ellen defended her tweet says she does not have to share all beliefs with her friends, and we need to get along with everyone, not just those that agree with us. George Bush says he agrees. Are you with them?

China Vs. the NBA. The Chinese state-run television network says it is suspending the current broadcast arrangements for the NBA’s preseason games after Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey sent a tweet supporting pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. Chinese authorities have made it clear that business as usual with the league will cease until the NBA totally repudiates Morey's statement. What should the league do -put profits ahead of free expression by firing Morey and apologizing or stand behind him and risk losing basketball's largest growth market?

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