Stoughton Police Looking For Owner Of Lizards Left On Sidewalk

STOUGHTON, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Stoughton Police say they've found several lizards that were left on a sidewalk, and are now searching for the owner.

In a Facebook post, police said they were taking care of the lizards, which they called "remarkably creepy yet shockingly majestic creatures."

"Have you ever walked down the street carrying your lizards in a cage and put them down for a second to maybe update your Facebook page or scratch your nose or something? If so have you ever just continued your brisk walk and gotten to your destination and yelled... 'oh wait... my lizards!! Where did I leave them last?' Well if you have you may be in luck," police wrote in the post.

They went on to say they are "going to assume the circumstances outlined above happened," and not that "some careless lizard owner ditching their lizards in the street."

Police have asked the owner to call them at 781-344-2424.

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