Are 'Cutting-Edge' Tech Gadgets Really Worth It?

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Did you get all your Christmas shopping done over the weekend?

For the rest of us, today is the kickoff to the shopping season, and just in time for Cyber Monday, the Washington Post has a list of “the most cutting-edge gifts for the techie in your life.”

Interesting branding here. Who is “the techie in your life” supposed to be? Everyone under 70 has a smartphone, but that doesn’t make them “techies.” I have a younger relative who likes to play video games and an older friend who’s a pretty good DJ – do they qualify?

And why exactly do we aspire to give a gift that’s “cutting edge”? The cutting edge can hurt you or someone else if you aren’t careful – is that the sentiment we really want to convey?

I love my gadgets as much as the next consumer. A friend gave me one of those home attendants this weekend, and I told it to turn on WBZ, and it did! And I didn’t even have to ask politely. Now that’s power!

But I’m struggling to get the appeal of some of the gizmos the Post says are so “cutting edge.” The thought of dropping a grand on a phone with no headphone jack is unappealing. A laptop with a two-way hinge for a grand? And it’s only an extra $99 bucks for a pen. Who said paper and real pens were outdated?

Of another expensive gadget, the Post writes: “it’s probably best to wait until they move beyond the gimmick stage.”

Now there’s advice that may be the best gift of all.

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