GOP Tax Plan Looking Worse And Worse To Americans

paul ryan donald trump gop republican tax plan bill

paul ryan donald trump gop republican tax plan bill

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan looks on as President Donald Trump speaks about tax reform legislation in the Cabinet Room at the White House. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Most people know a scam when they see one.

And the latest polling on the GOP tax-cut plan suggests the more they see of it, the more dubious they become.

A little over a month ago, 41% of Americans who had heard about the plan told Reuters pollsters they opposed it; this week, that number is up to 49%.

What could possibly account for that trend?

Perhaps people just don’t see the need for debt-exploding tax cuts right now; some polls show voters by more than two-to-one believe reducing the federal deficit is more important than tax cuts.

It seems many voters believe the overwhelming concensus of analysts who’ve reviewed the plan when they say the long-term benefits skew heavily toward the wealthy, with initial tax breaks for the less-fortunate evaporating in the out years.

Perhaps some of them saw that unfortunate recent video of White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn at a CEO forum when the assembled bosses made it clear they wouldn’t be investing their tax cuts in job-creating expansion, as the Republicans have been promising.

Or maybe folks are just getting a full, noxious whiff of the GOP leadership and their frantic, unilateral, often-clueless efforts to jam through a major revamp of our economic system that only hardcore Republicans like for what appear to be mostly political reasons.

They promised for years they’d do it, so forget about the current economic realities; they need a win to show the voters they can get things done; and so on, endless self-serving drivel divorced from common sense, due process and the broad public good.

The Democrats are a mess, and powerless, so by the time you hear this, the Republicans may have passed their bill.

We’ll see next November if they’ve also jumped the shark.

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