There's No Excuse For Not Voting

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Based on my own unscientific eavesdropping on people in line at DD survey, interest in national politics has never been higher. I am constantly asked “what is going to happen,” to which the only honest answer is: I don’t have the slightest idea.

I’m not sure whether this leaves people feeling impressed, but they do seem to nod sympathetically.

You would think the combination of historic times, record interest and suspense about the outcome would yield more voter activism, and maybe it is. But you wouldn’t know it by the guy I saw quoted in a WashingtonPost write up of a new poll in the Alabama Senate race.

This is a big one. A win for the Democrat in a solid red state would slash the GOP majority in the Senate to one seat and throw a scare into all Republicans. A win for the Republican should frighten Democrats and prove once and for all that burying the creep-o-meter is no impediment to serving in high office.

But for Terry Andersen, a 54 year old independent voter in Hartford, Alabama, the most consequential election of the year is inconsequential.

“I’m fed up. A lot of people are down here,” he says. “I think I’ll just let it all fall out on its own.”

Great, thanks.

The Post doesn’t go into details about Mr. Andersen’s specific excuses, but let’s say he hates the Democrat’s support of abortion rights and thinks the Republican is a sexual predator.

You really can’t manage to figure out the lesser of two evils when it comes to wielding power over your life for the next few years, setting your tax rates, toying with your health care and so on?

Choices can be hard. But that’s no excuse not to make them.

Unless vague grievance is more important to you than your constitutional rights.

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