Gronk's Hit: A Sign Of The Times?

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- With all of the secondary topics cluttering up the news cycle these days – taxes, harassment, obstruction of justice, the threat of thermonuclear war – it’s nice to be able to focus on a truly meaningful issue: the one-game suspension of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

If you missed it, Gronk got mad at the Buffalo Bills during the game on Sunday. They were grabbing him, pushing him, doing anything they could to keep him from running roughshod over them, which he proceeded to do anyway.

Plus, the refs weren’t calling it, and a couple of sketchy calls went against Gronk – or, as the late Mayor Tom Menino once called him, Gonk. So, out of frustration and anger, Gonk chose to hurl all of his 265 pounds with a forearm shiver thrown in for good measure onto the prone body of a Buffalo defender who had already been whistled down.

Next to the phrase “unnecessary roughness” in the NFL rule book, there’s a picture of what Gonk did to that guy on Sunday. Stuff like that usually merits a one-game suspension, and that’s what the league gave Gonk late yesterday.

But lo and behold, the local airwaves are full of Pats fans complaining that Gonk is being treated “unfairly.”

That really isn’t surprising.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that people increasingly seem to feel entitled to lash out in violent or inappropriate ways when they feel slighted.

Beefs that once might have been settled with words or fists now too often involve knives or guns.

Disputes that should be settled out-of-court wind up wasting the court’s time and money.

Too many people vote not out of reasoned support for a candidate, but to vent their spleen, the consequences be darned.

Gonk is a product of his impatient, hair-trigger times, I guess.

Luckily, we can hate the sin, but still love the sinner.

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