Supposedly, These Are Good Times--But The Polls Don't Show It

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- I admit it, I like to look at polls, if they’re from good pollsters.

They don’t always tell the whole story, but at least they’re the reactions and opinions of some actual voters, instead of the usual suspects.

And the new Quinnipiac Poll has what looks like a warning for the political culture.

I meet people who’ve grown blasé about President Trump’s job-approval numbers because they’ve been so static all year. And it’s true, Quinnipiac had him with 50% “strong disapproval” and 26% “strong approval” back in March, and that’s right where he stands now.

But a two-to-one margin for vehement dislike is terrible at any time, let alone your honeymoon year.

This is what happens when you come on real strong, you evoke strong reactions, and those beget other strong reactions. Twitter benefits, but I’m not sure about the rest of us.

Anyway, this poll is awful for the president and his party. Six in ten Americans disapprove of them. People are worried about their health care. They’re so mad, more than half don’t even want their taxes cut.

But while the Democrats fail to do worse, they are reaping their share of public contempt.

When independents have an unfavorable view of you by more than two-to-one, you have a problem.

When more seniors and Hispanic voters disapprove than approve, you have a big problem.

Supposedly, these are good times. But gee, the voters seem ungrateful to their overlords.

Maybe things aren’t all that swell yet, and stirring up the beehive might get you stung.

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