If There's Snow On Your Car Then Clear It

Snow on Car

Snow on Car

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) On Friday, with the storm coming in, we were joking about tips for driving in the snow, and I sarcastically advised newcomers to our local ways to be sure to “clear a grapefruit-sized hole in the snow just above the steering wheel…to peer through.”

This was a reference to a longstanding wintertime pet peeve, one I know many of you share, and it was intended to be a joke. 

Surely, after all the police warnings and public outcry and whining about people not bothering to clear the snow from their vehicles, we wouldn’t actually see a lot of it during or after this minor weekend storm.

But out driving around late in the day Saturday, and based on what I saw on social media yesterday, we haven’t made a dent in this seasonal display of indifference and laziness.

It was one thing to see multiple drivers out Saturday night who hadn’t bothered to clear anything the wipers couldn’t reach. 

But then yesterday, on a bright, sunny afternoon many hours after the last of the storm, the photos started piling up on Twitter.

My favorite includes thanks to a driver “flying up L Street for all the snow and ice on my windshield.” The picture shows the almost-completely snow-covered rear window and the space where a large chunk has broken loose and slammed into the Tweeter’s windshield.

I’m not sure if it’s futile to keep talking about this nasty habit, or if it’s crucial to talk about it again for the benefit of the completely clueless among us who need a reminder. 

But this is not a joke – when you’re able to but can’t be bothered to clear off your car, you’re a real physical threat to yourself and, more importantly, others.

You know others…people around who are not you?

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