Editing Is The Process Of Making Things Better

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) - What our world needs now is – well, love of course, but failing that, how about more editing?

I’m talking about the whole concept of editing, of checking, correcting, polishing, amending and improving what we write, say and do.

It’s always great to have a good editor. In my business, that’s how you learn and improve. 

So many of the journalistic blunders you read about lately are surely the result of something being rushed onto the air or into print without another pair of eyes giving it a skeptical once-over.

But that’s not the only kind of editing that matters.

Having a president who shoots off his mouth without bothering to run stuff by advisors or even think through what he’s saying carries obvious risks, not the least of which is the risk of record-low job-approval ratings from a public that doesn’t like to be embarrassed by its commander in chief.

Every week we see sports teams and players self-destruct because they have no self-control, which is a form of self-editing. 

One reason the Patriots are so successful is they have an editor in Coach Belichick who demands a high level of discipline. That’s why it was so unusual to see Rob Gronkowski get suspended over his failure to edit his emotions.

And how about the ever-growing list of “successful” men who’ve proven unable to self-edit their behavior with women, thus finding themselves edited right out of their jobs?

Editing is the process of making things better, and a recognition that discipline and collaboration are better than reckless narcissism. 

Maybe it’s a dying art in our tweet-ravaged culture. 

If so, look out below.

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