Movies Today Are Overrated

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- TGIF, the weekend is at hand, and with all the cold and the craziness of taking care of holiday shopping, doesn’t this weekend seem like a good time to kick back and take in a movie?

Yes, Jon, you are right, I hear you saying, and be honest, aren’t I always? How about some of the time? 

OK, let’s move on to the movie listings and see if we can pick out a good one.

The new Star Wars movie is the big attraction, and I have a terrible confession to make – I stopped watching them sometime around “The Empire Strikes Back.” 

One reason is that fancy sound systems came into widespread use, and if there’s one thing I don’t want out of the movie going experience, it’s a migraine headache and a stomach flip, so I’ll leave “The Last Jedi” to others.

You have to admit, Hollywood moves fast. They’ve already released a movie, “Justice League,” about the Alabama Senate election. 

Here’s one – “The Disaster Artist,” starring James Franco. Wasn’t he the guy who bombed as host of the Academy Awards a few years back? I’d prefer to avoid politics, so a movie about Steve Bannon doesn’t appeal to me. 

Same problem with “The Florida Project.” Why they thought a movie about the 2000 vote recount would be appealing is beyond me.

You know what? 

Maybe I’ll just get my shopping done, go home and start marinating the chicken wings for the Pats-Steelers game on Sunday. 

And take in the most relaxing entertainment of all – a nice long nap.

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