Twitter's Kook Crackdown

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Chances are you’ve never been on Twitter or maintained an account there, and the truth is, you haven’t missed much.

I use Twitter to follow other news organizations and commentators, and often find their links useful because I just don’t have enough time to browse all the publications that interest me. And it can be fun to watch and comment on a big game or Oscar night in the company of others on Twitter.

That’s about it for Twitter upsides, and the downsides are plentiful. 

The place is a free-for-all for a wide range of kooks and jerks, and if you ever say something to awaken the trolls, look out.

Twitter’s business has been stagnant in part because of the site’s pollution by often-vicious creeps like the legions of the white-supremacy movement. 

And finally, after realizing their sanctimonious branding as the ultimate free-speech forum wasn’t addressing the problem, the company is cracking down, kicking off the worst of the cretins, including the British creators of those slanderous anti-Muslim videos President Trump retweeted recently. 

If you’re expecting the ACLU to ride to the rescue here, don’t hold your breath. The First Amendment is about government censorship, not that of private companies.

And what Twitter is finally doing here isn’t censorship – it’s editing, the same thing we and other news organizations do every day to screen out lies, smears, and vulgarity.

Better late than never. 

But given the wide-open nature of social media, it’s up to each of us to be our own editors, and use good judgement about what we swallow. 

Because in the end, no one has your best interests at heart more than you do.

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