High Tech Hits A New Low

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) - Congress had its turn to beat up on the big tech companies for negligent supervision of social media. Now the British Parliament has inflicted an epic skewering.

For me, one of the biggest stories of this year is the growing realization that the crown princes of our economy – the big tech companies – are not our friendly chaperones into the wide, wonderful world of social media communication, but greed-crazed predators who’ve unleashed all sorts of evil on a vulnerable society.

Members of Congress had their turn to roast the flunkies the tech mavens sent over to take the heat; I guess Mark Zuckerberg was busy that day laundering his T-shirt collection.

But the other day, it was committee members of the British Parliament who were questioning the executives, and according to coverage by Buzzfeed, they took no prisoners.

One member asked Twitter’s spokesperson why a string of violent tweets attacking another member of Parliament hadn’t been removed, even after they were reported. Here was the excuse: "If you're cleaning a street, you can clean [it] every morning – [but] you can't guarantee it'll be clean at 10am."

Huh. Maybe the people in charge of that street need to sink some money into better policing, and a more aggressive cleaning schedule. But that might shave a few dollars off the old profit margin.

Responding to evidence of vile threats and harassment against other public servants, a Facebook suit had the nerve to argue that “some politicians actively want to take on the trolls and the abusers.” 

Sure they do. Don’t we all love to engage with people threatening to kill us?

These companies are out of their minds if they think their predatory, irresponsible business practices can continue. 

We thought these tech innovators were the best and the brightest. 

We were wrong on both counts.

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