Let's Get One Thing Clear

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- There’s no denying it, like all true New Englanders, I can get cranky at times, especially during these wretched winter months.

And as regular listeners surely know by now, nothing gets me crankier than the sight of drivers, well after the end of a snow event, who have not bothered to completely clear the snow and ice off their cars.

Driving around yesterday morning, nearly 24 hours after the last flakes fell, was a dismaying experience. I’d say about 4 in every ten drivers had done an incomplete job, with windows still partially obscured and menacing piles of stuff on their roofs just waiting for a sudden stop to send the whole mess flying onto their windshield or that of the innocent driver behind them.

About one in ten had apparently not bothered to clear the snow at all, beyond running their wipers.


But this is the season of peace on earth and goodwill toward inept motorists, so let’s take a positive approach with some free advice for those who – incredibly – seem to still need it.

You may notice some buttons on your heater relating to defrosting. If you turn those on and let the car warm up for awhile, you will find it’s easier to scrape or brush away the snow and ice from your windows.

Modern technology is great, isn’t it?

As for the snow on your roof, please take a few minutes to remove that too. If it’s too physically taxing, I’m sure a friend or neighbor would be glad to do it for you.

And if all else fails, will you please stay at home until spring?

Your life – and mine – may depend on it.

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