What's Next In Washington? More Political Games

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- So, what’s next on the agenda in Washington D.C.?

Supposedly, the Trump administration wants to address another campaign promise – fixing America’s ailing infrastructure, roads, bridges, railways, subways, etc.

This will be welcome news across the country, red and blue states included: in Georgia, where the collapse of a section of a key interstate highway in the Atlanta area sent infrastructure repair to the top of the issues list in statewide polling, and here at home, where long-promised MBTA expansion is badly needed.

Infrastructure repair has been talked about as a major issue that should easily unite the two parties, what with the urgent needs and the tremendous potential economic benefits, short- and long-term.

But according to a smart analysis in yesterday’s Boston Globe by James Pindell, the trillion dollar infrastructure bill the White House has been hinting at might never make it off first base.


Politics, of course.

“Is it worth it” asks Pindell, “for the state’s Democrats to give Trump a win if it means finally extending the T after decades of talking about it?... What about a Republican from a rural state? Is it worth saying yes to a bill that helps Trump even if it largely helps more urban states with their infrastructure needs, using your constituents’ hard-earned tax dollars?”

Add in the conservatives like Paul Ryan who want to cut spending, not do more of it, and Pindell sees a potential stalemate.

And of course, this makes perfect sense.

Why would you want to do something because the country wants and needs it, when you could instead play political games?

It’s moments like these that remind people why they hate Washington.

Not that anyone really needed a reminder.

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