Marty Walsh's Poker Tell

Marty Walsh Inauguration (Credit:City of Boston)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) - I was watching Boston Mayor Marty Walsh get sworn in for a second term yesterday, and I’m wondering if you heard what I thought I did. He seemed to announce he wouldn’t be running for a fifth term down the road.

“In 12 short years,” he said, “Boston will turn 400. Whatever I’m doing in 2030, I want us to know that we did everything we could to make Boston better and make Boston stronger.”

Whatever I’m doing? 

I guess we can forget Walsh pulling a Menino and serving for 20 years. 

Or maybe that was a poker tell that Walsh doesn’t see himself as mayor for even 16 years or less.

In the meantime, Walsh will continue to try to find the right balance between neighborhood and downtown interests, between planning for the future and protecting the marginal, by, as he put it, listening “for the truth” and learning “from our past.”

Boston voters made it clear they have confidence in Walsh, but there is one way he can help himself by keeping those promises.

The truth is, some of Walsh’s worst missteps in the first term involved get-rich-quick show-biz gimmicks – the Olympics, and that Indycar debacle. 

Mayor, that’s not your crowd.

I’m glad our 400th anniversary in 2030 is on Walsh’s mind, because it will soon be the target of show-biz speculators, if it isn’t already. 

And it’ll be up to Walsh – or maybe a new mayor – to make sure history isn’t repeated.

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