Why Are You Driving Around In A Blizzard?

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- If you’re listening to this in your car or truck and you are not a snowplow driver or public safety official or someone who had to leave the house because of an emergency, I have a question – what on earth are you doing?

All day yesterday on every TV in the Commonwealth, public officials were begging you to please stay off the roads today during this storm.

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Even if you didn’t watch TV or listen to the radio or read a newspaper or go online, your common sense should have told you the same thing.

And yet, there you are, sliding around in this mess.

Why? What possessed you to think that all those urgent warnings were directed at others, but not you?

Aside from concern for your safety, I have concerns about the cost and burden on public safety personnel if they have to come save you.

This issue comes up when we see people head off on dangerous hikes without the proper equipment, assuming that they’ll just summon help on their cellphone if things get dicey. There’s a trend toward making those folks cover the cost of their rescue, and I think the same should apply to someone out in this mess without a good reason.

With every passing year we become more of a narcissistic culture, where people think only of themselves.

Risky behavior like joyriding in a blizzard is one narcissistic thrill that ought to be paid for by the narcissists, in full.

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