Does America Need A Royal Family?

Royal Family

Royal Family

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- The economy notwithstanding, these are tough times for our beloved country.

Division reigns.

Extremist views have traction.

Trolls of all kinds are on the march.

But according to the New York Times, an 82-year-old British count is offering up an answer to our troubles – establish a monarchy.

The leader of something called the International Monarchist League, this guy’s argument is that constitutional monarchies with a king or queen and an elected political establishment that actually runs the place are “better off because royal families act as a unifying force and a powerful symbol; monarchies rise above politics; and nations with royalty are generally richer and more stable.”

It does seem to work well for Denmark and Japan; not so much for oppressive regimes like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

But here in the USA? No thanks.

Let’s set aside that the American colonies were filled with people fleeing the misrule of Old World monarchies, and take the count’s arguments one by one.

If royal families really do “act as a unifying force,” they must have missed the memo in Britain, torn apart over Brexit, and in Spain, where Catalonian secessionism rolls on despite the king’s objections.

And between the Statue of Liberty and the National Anthem, the latter a celebration of the overthrow of a monarchy, we’re all set on powerful symbols.

We don’t need more exaltation of the rich and famous here. We already have too much of it.

So I say let Europe keep its kings and queens. We’ll muddle through as just a bunch of empowered pawns.

And after all, we’ll always have the Kardashians.

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