Oprah For President? No.

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Oprah Winfrey, running for president?

Ha ha ha! Next, you’ll be telling me Donald Trump is running.

OK, I admit it, anything can and will happen.

If the current backlash against sexual harassment is still strong come 2020, if voters are still widely repulsed by Trump-style scorched-earth politics and are looking for uplift, if a successful businessperson with legitimate charitable impulses sounds good, then a philanthropic business genius with a positive outlook and a gift for bringing people together might be just the thing.

But I still don’t think Oprah will run.

Why? Because a crucial part of her appeal is that even after all the money and accomplishments, Oprah comes across as a normal person, someone with values that may not be so different from yours and mine.

Normal, well-balanced people tend not to run for president, with good reason.

The mere act of running is a willing submission to off-the-charts scrutiny, constant attacks, near-daily humiliation, and a vile forced diet of fattening food.

And if you’re really unlucky and win the presidency, your life is essentially over. You will live out your years with gawkers, the Secret Service in your lap, your name a curse word to half the nation.

The simple pleasures of normal life will be, for the most part, beyond reach. You will probably never drive a car again, but that’s the only upside.

Oprah can’t exactly hang out in the bleachers without security, but she seems to live a relatively normal life, along with her billions.

Why on earth would she ever want to give that up for the world’s biggest ego trip?

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