Take This Job And Shovel It

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Yesterday, for the first time in awhile due to the bitter cold, I took Buddy the Lab for a long walk around my town. And I would say that about a quarter to a third of the homeowners fronting major streets where schoolchildren walk every day have not lifted a finger to clear the snow from their sidewalks since the storm ended five days ago.

The worst are the people who dug out their driveway and the path from the driveway to their door just fine, but couldn’t be bothered to touch the front sidewalk. We’re not talking about long sidewalks either, this is a densely-populated town.

And even among the folks who did take a stab at shoveling, the effort in many cases was pitiful.

Buddy is about eight inches wide from paw to paw, and she could barely fit down some of the puny paths these folks cleared.

This is a clear public safety hazard.

Those schoolkids, seniors, parents pushing strollers and others are all pushed out into icy streets that have already been narrowed by snowbanks. It’s far worse than the annual business with parking space savers – at least those people did some shoveling.

But what really gets me is some of the email I received after I griped about this online.

About half the people who wrote me seem to think this is the local government’s responsibility, with one guy claiming his sidewalk isn’t his property.

Sure buddy – good luck with that when someone slips and falls and sues you.

The non-shovelers either think it’s someone else’s job, or they just don’t care.

If this is you, let me say thanks – for nothing.

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