Let Us All Do A Self-Reflection At Where We Live

BOSTON (WBZ-AM)  -- By now, you’ve probably heard about President Trump’s ignorant remarks during an Oval Office meeting with lawmakers about immigration reform, in which he used vulgarity to describe Haiti, El Salvador and Africa – all mostly populated by people of color – and expressed a preference for immigrants from Norway, which is predominantly white.

We get it. His preferences are clear. 

But let’s not talk about him. Let’s talk about you.

Do you approve of his remarks? 

Do his feelings match your own? 

I do not believe that everyone who wants changes in our immigration policies is a racist, not by any means. But I have no doubt there are plenty of folks within the sound of my voice who were amused and gratified by the president’s foolish comments.

So to them, I suggest a little self-reflection.

Look around where you live, your community. 

Is it pristine and free of crime? 

Are the people there free of debt and substance abuse, generally non-dysfunctional? 

Are you and your neighbors thrilled with the way your government functions, and pleased by the levels of income and opportunity you enjoy?

Maybe your home and your town isn’t really all that different from the places the president just denigrated. 

Come to think of it, Norway suffers from serious debt and drug abuse problems.

To paraphrase Dean Wormer from “Animal House,” racist and ignorant is no way to go through life. 

Unless that’s how you prefer to be remembered after you die.

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