Where Should Boston's MLK Memorial Go?

martin luther king mlk jr. memorial national mall washington

martin luther king mlk jr. memorial national mall washington

The National MLK Jr. Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Sometimes you hear a turn of phrase that jars you a little bit and gets you thinking.

That happened to me yesterday watching video of Sen. Warren at the Boston MLK Day breakfast and hearing her refer to President Trump as “an openly racist president of the United States.”

“Openly racist” suggests there have been other presidents who kept it hidden. But I haven’t found over the years that hardcore racists are all that shy about letting you know it.

These days, their hatred is never more than a click away.

But let’s stipulate that there is also plenty of racism that isn’t quite so bold, certain attitudes people hold that even they feel unsure enough about to keep them hidden.

Can their minds be changed?

And if so, how?

Maybe the discussion over a Boston memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who spent several important years of his life here, could take on these questions, as King himself did.

According to Adrian Walker in the Globe, there are arguments being made for Dudley Square in Roxbury, and Boston Common, among other sites. Those would be fine.

But maybe the memorial should go in a spot where it might provoke the maximum amount of conversation and reflection.

A place where thousands of Bostonians and visitors gather often, with time on their hands to appreciate a King memorial.

This particular location draws lots of families, so kids will see it and ask their parents and grandparents – who was Martin Luther King?

And it’s a spot where racism itself has at times been an unwelcome visitor.

Put the King memorial outside Fenway Park, I say.

That ought to be a good conversation starter.

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