Teachable Moments From The Pats' Win

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady after winning the AFC Championship Game. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Better get set for our annual two-weeks of pre-Super Bowl non-stop discussion of the Patriots.

This may be torture for out-of-towners, but we Pats fans find that it never gets old.

It gives us something positive to focus on during two of the year’s dreariest weeks. And it’s not as if the current alternative conversation topics are especially appealing.

Plus, along with the local economic boost of all those house parties, the annual march to the Super Bowl always offers a teachable moment or two.

For instance, yesterday’s game was a familiar scenario.

The Pats came out and were mostly dominated by a seemingly hungrier and more athletic team. But down the stretch, the Pats always seem to play better even as the other team runs out of gas and makes mistakes the Pats don’t make.

It happens so often, you have to figure it’s not by accident.

Parents can use their example to talk about qualities like patience, preparation, stamina and discipline and how they make the difference in close competition. They can point out how the losing team spent energy prior to the game trash-talking the winning team, and how that might have backfired on them.

There were plenty of good redemption stories yesterday, Dion Lewis make a key play late after losing a crucial fumble earlier, Stephan Gilmore making the game-sealing play after a season where he took plenty of heat.

You could also point out the thin line between hero and scapegoat; if the Pats had lost I guarantee you there would be alleged Bostonians calling Brady and Belichick bums.

But the most important thing the Pats teach us every year at this time is: we’re number one.

Sorry, out-of-towners.

Wait ‘til next year.

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