Jake Tapper's Sour Anti-Patriots Whine

jake tapper jon keller

jake tapper jon keller

Jake Tapper, host of CNN's State Of The Union. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Jake Tapper of CNN is one of the better journalists on cable news these days, and I’m a fan. But it turns out poor Tapper has a profound, incurable character flaw.

He’s a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Bless those poor folks, they’ve never won a Super Bowl. And all that losing has done a number on them.

Go online and check out the videos of extremely drunken Eagles fans punching a police horse, cheering an opposing player’s injury, pelting the Viking team bus with debris as it pulled away after losing the big game, and more. Super classy!

I’m sure most of the perps are good people who just lose it when they put on the midnight green. That would help explain Tapper, a stickler for fact and puncturing hyperbole from others, saying on air yesterday: “The Patriots are cheaters. This is just a fact that’s established by investigations. They are a cheating team.”

If a politician tried to blow smoke like that at Tapper, he’d go ballistic.

It’s always the same sobfest from other teams’ fans – what about Spygate, what about Deflategate? In Spygate, back in 2007, the Pats broke a league rule by legally videotaping Jets coaches from a prohibited location. They’ve won two titles since then. And Deflategate? You mean like when a former Eagles quarterback admitted the team deflated game balls “every game” during his 13 years in the league?

To call the Patriots a “cheating team” based on this stuff is lazy and inaccurate. We expect that from the bitter, jealous losers on ESPN, but Jake Tapper?

So disappointing. Almost makes you want to pelt the TV with debris.

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