Democratic Field In Governor's Race Needs To Do Better

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Gov. Charlie Baker. (Photo courtesy Sen. Ed Markey)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Did you watch Gov. Baker’s State of the Commonwealth speech last night?

I bet most of you didn’t, because by any reasonable measure, things are going fairly well here in Massachusetts.

The economy is good for most, if not for everyone.

The opioid crisis is bad, but getting better, not worse.

Out-of-state publications keep throwing bouquets at us as a well-run state where people want to live, a point Baker understandably lingered on last night.

And he even jokingly took credit for the Patriots heading to their third Super Bowl in his four years in office.

No one is perfect, and that includes Gov. Baker.

His speech promised lots of new spending, but no new revenue sources to pay for it. His critics say he lacks the vision thing, and is too hung up on opposing broad-based tax hikes.

There’s a case to be made there, and you can count on the eventual Democratic nominee later this year to press it.

Still, it was jarring to see a post-speech tweet from Jay Gonzalez, the former Deval Patrick aide who is one of three Democrats hoping to run against Baker.

“If Charlie Baker were CEO of a company, he would be fired.”

Really? That seems completely wrong.

Sticking with the Baker as CEO construct, his board of directors – the legislature – seems to like him just fine.

Every poll tells us his stockholders – the voters – approve of his work.

Gonzalez and the others have a tough road ahead – to hone in on Baker’s flaws and make the case why they’d be better, without resorting to rank partisan demagoguery.

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