Trump Vs. Mueller--Under Oath? Really?

Robert Mueller FBI special prosecutor donald trump russia investigation

Robert Mueller FBI special prosecutor donald trump russia investigation

Then-FBI Director Robert Mueller in 2010. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- You may be under the impression that political reporters just love talking about the Russia/Trump investigation, and perhaps there’s some who do.

But count me out.

I’ve only rarely spoken about it here, mainly because other than a handful of indictments and a few juicy stories like the campaign meeting with the Russian agent, we really don’t know what the evidence is.

But now we learn the special counsel may soon be talking directly with the president about what he knew and did and when he knew and did it.

“I would love to” answer Mueller’s questions, the president said yesterday. “I would do it under oath, absolutely.”

That was a change from past dismissive statements about the need for submitting to questions, and it didn’t hold up very long; within minutes his lawyers were saying there is no promise to talk under oath.

But it gives you insight into the president’s mindset here, as do his remarks that Mueller’s apparent focus on possible obstruction of justice is unfair punishment for simply fighting back against attacks.

Actually, it’s a very specific offense, the lead charge made in the impeachment process against Richard Nixon, involving tampering or interfering with an official investigation.

You know, like firing the FBI director when he won’t squelch the Russia probe.

We know the president hates the investigation; that’s understandable.

It’s not as clear that he gets what it’s all about.

But one thing seems clear – no serious lawyer would allow a no-holds-barred interview under oath here, if they could stop it.

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