Facebook Creates An Unneeded Need




BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- It’s hard running a mega-corporation in a hyper-competitive environment, hard to keep the revenues flowing and your market share expanding, and especially difficult to avoid trampling on some of your customers along the way.

Right, Facebook?

It seems that since December, Facebook has been promoting its new Messenger Kids app, a parent-controlled way for little kids to enter the harsh new world of device addiction that is already sucking their older siblings into a vortex of distraction and dysfunction.

Go online and check out their video peddling Messenger Kids.

It includes a beaming Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, explaining that “as a mom, I know how meaningful it can be when kids use technology to connect with family and friends.”

I had to watch it again to make sure she wasn’t joking.

Yes, it’s nice when the kids can Skype far-away grandparents to say hi, and so on. But with all of our evolving knowledge of how addictive smartphones and tablets can be, how they can be an unwanted portal to a world of bullying and harassment, and how we don’t even know what the impact is on kids growing up attached to them, maybe this idea is “meaningful” in ways Sandberg doesn’t want to talk about.

The Boston-based Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood wants the app pulled, pointing out "Messenger Kids is not responding to a need - it is creating one."

And this is one need we really don’t need.

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