Falling For Sweet Talk--Again

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Throughout our history, we’ve always had public sector cronyism, where public officials throw contracts to their friends that don’t always represent the best bang for our tax dollars.

Sometimes it’s really bad, like the outright corruption that led to the shoddy construction of the UMass Boston campus back in the 1970s.

More recently, we’ve seen a string of bad or potentially bad deals cut by politicians with good intentions. The common denominator - inability to recognize shaky business plans and see through sweet talk.

There was Evergreen Solar, where Gov. Deval Patrick bet millions on a business that wound up fleeing to China.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh got suckered by the promoters of that ill-fated Indy Car race.

Walsh and Gov. Baker share the blame for letting Jeff Immelt of GE talk them into tax breaks and grants to lure their headquarters here – now Immelt is gone and the fiscal carnage he left behind threatens to turn the GE deal into a pumpkin.

And then there’s the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, well-meaning people who got absolutely bamboozled by accused serial assaulter Steve Wynn, awarding him a Greater Boston casino license over well-qualified competition.

At their meeting yesterday to discuss the Wynn debacle, Commission investigators admitted they didn’t get a sniff of the company’s myriad problems when they allegedly checked it out.

Now Commission Chairman Steve Crosby says they’ll investigate again and investigate themselves to see if they did a proper job.

I can save you time and money here – you didn’t.

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