Jon Keller's Super Bowl Predictions

Tom Brady at practice Wednesday. (Elsa/Getty Images)

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Out in Minnesota, the press conferences are over, and the Patriots and Eagles will do the rest of their talking on Sunday night. We've heard all the analysis, seen all the video breakdowns, visualized how it might go during fitful sleep.

All that's left is for us to saddle up and make our Super Bowl predictions.

I freely admit, I am not great at predicting the future. But since it's strictly for fun, no wagering allowed, here we go: the Pats will start slowly, as they have most of the year.

But as the game wears on, the Pats will go into their patented hurry-up offense, and the Philadelphia defense will start to tire. If they double-team Gronk, Amendola will run wild. If they don't double-team Gronk, they'll get Gronked. And watch out for Dion Lewis.

Rob Gronkowski Clears Concussion Protocol, Will Play In Super Bowl - Thumbnail Image

Rob Gronkowski Clears Concussion Protocol, Will Play In Super Bowl

21-13 Pats sounds about right. But my predictions don't stop there.

I predict that only a handful of drunken college kids will run into the streets following the win. It might have felt cool to do so after the first 4 or 5 titles, but now it's old hat, and you know how worried college kids are about seeming cool.

However, I also predict the streets of Philadelphia will be filled with insanely-angry Eagles fans, beating each other bloody and tearing their own city apart.

Why? Because it's Philadelphia, and they're Eagles fans.

And what if I'm wrong and the Pats ... get robbed? So what?

We'll still be the undisputed city of champions, and nobody can ever take that away from us.

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