Why Josh McDaniels Did The Right Thing

josh mcdaniels patriots new england

josh mcdaniels patriots new england

Josh McDaniels after the Patriots won the AFC Divisional playoff game. (Elsa/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Sometimes in life, we make choices that seem right at first but, upon reflection, don’t sit so well. 

And if you have any faith in your own powers of reflection, you’ve got to admit you made a mistake and try to reverse it, or else risk kicking yourself forever after.

Maybe that’s how it went with Josh McDaniels yesterday when he pulled up less than 24 hours short of being introduced as the new Indianapolis Colts head coach and decided to return as the Patriots’ offensive coordinator.

Maybe he looked at his wife, who’s moved with him four different times, and thought to himself – I don’t want to do this to her again. Maybe he looked at his four kids under age 13 and thought – I can’t do this to them.

And maybe the Patriots’ top job is the one he’s always wanted, the one he’s been groomed for, and the one he’s now been promised he’s going to get sooner rather than later.

Not that Indianapolis is an unattractive place to work, not at all. And don’t worry, the Colts will be fine. They know what it’s like to run out on someone. Just ask the fans in Baltimore.

Anyway, I’m not a sports reporter, I have no inside sources on this. And we don’t know how this will all work out in the end.

But it’s kind of nice to see someone value family and roots over prestige and money. It’s reassuring to know that even someone as smart and accomplished as McDaniels can fumble a life choice. And it’s downright refreshing to see someone admit their mistake, and fix it.

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