Trump's Big Parade? Here's A Better Idea

donald trump flag parade france paris

donald trump flag parade france paris

Donald Trump stands in front of the US Flag at a Bastille Day military parade in Paris in 2017. (ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- A big military parade of service members and hardware in Washington later this year? I support the idea of honoring the men and women who disrupt and risk their lives in our defense.

Who doesn’t?

But I don’t think an expensive one-off parade is the way to do it, even if some civilians might want that. I have a better idea, one that keeps the focus on those who serve and what they want.

The annual military family lifestyle survey conducted by Blue Star Families, an organization run by military spouses, finds that the top concerns of these families are “time away from family, military spouse employment, and pay and benefits.”

So may I suggest that we bring back “The Apprentice,” starring the president in the role that got him there.

Except instead of Z-list celebrities and reality-show wannbes, the competition will be among the president’s advisors and cabinet secretaries, tasked with coming up with a winning plan to address the real and pressing needs of those families.

Defense Secretary Mattis is busy running the show, but I’d like to see Steve Mnuchin, Gary Cohn and Mick Mulvaney work their financial magic to boost the budget for immediate increases in military salaries and benefits.

I’m sure many if not all of the corporations benefitting from their tax cut would be happy to kick in.

Labor Sec. Acosta will have to come up with jobs for those spouses; surely Ivanka can work up a plan to cut time spent apart.

The ones who deliver will have the satisfaction of knowing they really helped our servicemembers, rather than just using them as a photo op prop.

And those who fail?

They’re fired, of course.

Trust me, the ratings will be boffo.

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