Why I Won't Be Watching The Winter Olympics

olypics winter 2018 opening ceremony

olypics winter 2018 opening ceremony

Fireworks over PyeongChang during the 2018 Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony. (Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- The Winter Olympics start tonight, and I won’t be watching.

It’s a little sad, because I used to love the Olympic Games.

My earliest memory of them is watching the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico City, George Foreman winning the gold in boxing, Bob Beamon shattering the world record in the long jump, and the African-American 200-meter medalists raising their fists in protest on the medal stand.

I didn’t realize at the time that the International Olympic Committee banned them for life for that gesture. If I had I might have been better prepared for their horrific performance at the 1972 Summer Games in Munich, where 11 Israeli atheletes were murdered by Palestinian terrorists, a massacre that merely irritated the racist, anti-semitic head of the IOC, who turned a memorial service for the victims into a pep rally for the Olympics.

Fast forward 42 years, and the “Olympic movement” is in total disrepute.

As we saw here in Boston when the wealthy predators of the US Olympic Committee tried to dragoon us into squandering millions to host their VIP party, the whole enterprise has become a scam designed to fund fat salaries for bureaucrats and line the pockets of the politically-connected.

And now, in the wake of the Larry Nassar disaster, the full extent of the USOC’s moral bankruptcy is evident.

I admire the athletes and their dedication, and still root for my country to succeed.

But I won’t be watching and, thus, validating the corrupt enterprise behind the games.

Sorry, but life is too short to be a pawn of something so aggressively, unashamedly cynical.

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