From Boston To DC, The Search For Good Leadership

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- There’s been a lot written and said lately about a lack of leadership on last year’s Red Sox team, which apparently led to a change in managers.

Mookie Betts tried to keep it vague; he said they “weren’t as urgent as we should have been” in the playoffs, were “kind of lax … could have had a little more fun.” 

As a result, the fans and advertisers who fund the team’s $200 million payroll also experienced a fun deficit.

But it seems any organization--no matter how successful in the past or how high the salaries--can falter if the leadership does. And consistently good leadership seems to be scarce everywhere you look.

There are only three head coaches or managers in any pro sport who’ve held their jobs for more than 18 straight years--Bill Belichick is one of them. 

From Wells Fargo to Wynn Resorts to Facebook, the business world is struggling with miscreant CEOs and AWOL board oversight.

And this generation’s political leadership? 

Is “fiasco” too strong?

At least on Beacon Hill, actual stuff happens, even if it never makes everyone happy. 

Actually, that’s how you know the legislative process is working.

But the national picture is pretty grim, in part because few in power seem to grasp the basic rules of decent leadership. 

For instance, skillful compromises are much more difficult now that the once-rare sight of major changes being jammed through on a narrow-majority partisan vote is commonplace. 

And when DC can’t deliver on policies 80-plus percent of the public says they want, it’s a hint that the fringes are calling the shots.

Maybe a new manager is just what the Red Sox needed. 

Maybe they’re not the only ones.

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